As a Design Strategist, I worked on multidisciplinary teams to create innovative business solutions using a human-centered design perspective. Work samples are available upon request.

At Doblin, I worked with clients in a variety of industries including: public sector, energy, healthcare, and financial services.

Relish Works

At Relish Works, I imagine and develop business solutions in the restaurant and food industry using a human-centered perspective.

Our work includes core business innovation for Gordon Food Service and creating new business ventures that can be stand alone startups.

When the pandemic started, restaurant operators and staff were in crises. New information and guidelines were developing every day and it was very overwhelming. We created as a COVID response site for restaurants. centralized all information in one place. We leaned on our industry expertise to create content to help restaurants pivot their business model so they could keep bringing in revenue. We had resources that covered a variety of topics including: marketing, finances, government restrictions, business strategy, and safety. now serves as the newsletter and content engine for Relish's restaurant tech venture, Back of House.


When it was time for restaurants to start reopening during the pandemic, there was a need to help them reopen safely and confidently. Trust20 helps restaurants focus on what matters and recognizes restaurants that put their diners and staffs' safety first.

Trust20 has 2 products: restaurant certification and staff training. We certify that restaurants have safe and clean practices, and we train restaurant staff with a more modern approach than other training providers.