Palmer Square Art Fair

Palmer Square Art Fair was a summer art event in Chicago in the neighborhood of Logan Square. I organized, curated, and designed the branding for the event.

It brought together artists, vintage collectors, makers, ceramicists, jewelry creators, designers, and more.

Blessa Soaps

Blessa Soaps is a small soap business in Chicago that focuses on ethically sourced, all natural ingredients.

I created a logo for them that would be used primarily as a stamp for their soap paper. The soap packaging is fully compostable seed paper.

Ritual Flower Farm

Ritual Flowers is a flower farm in Cincinnati, OH. Kirsten & Chas, of Ritual Flowers reached out to me to imagine their visual brand. Their mission with Ritual is to expand flowers to broader audiences.

While most flower brands are delicate and dainty, Ritual is bold and expressive. It celebrates imperfections and has a loud energetic voice.